Photo Friday

Below are some snippets from today that I took throughout the morning and afternoon. Now I’m not one to document every single moment of every single day that I’m at home with my daughter. I usually will snap a couple of pictures if the opportunity presents itself, but I don’t try to be intentional about getting a picture every day. For some reason, however, today I had a lot of opportunities and I think it makes for a good little album. While not grand by any means, they are moments that reflect the reality of being a full-time SAHM. I am so thankful that I am able to be present in these moments.

Without further ado, the first installment of Photo Friday (and hopefully not the last)!

[Captions correspond with pictures that follow]

+ My daughter decided to touch her head while eating a breakfast snack wafer (that for some reason gets really sticky!) and left residue in her hair. This is the first time that has happened and I just had to laugh.

+ After breakfast it is playtime while mom finishes her coffee. I found Vienna flipping through her Star Wars Spaceships board book. We have another Star Wars nerd in the family. We have trained her well!

+ While my daughter napped I focused my attention on organizing and filling our “new to us” credenza. I am in love! I love the storage space. I decorated with simple décor for now, and I think it turned out pretty good. Anyone need interior design help?

+ I didn’t want to go for a walk today because it’s so dang hot and sticky, but I did want to get outside. So I grabbed a blanket, a few toys, and took my daughter to some lawn area just outside the apartment and we hung out for a bit. I noticed these dark clouds coming our way and knew we had limited time on our hands!

+ Vienna favored playing on the grass rather than her blanket, so I let her roam. It didn’t last long though – it started to sprinkle so we dashed inside.


IMG_0365Have a wonderful weekend!

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