Motherhood || Honest Insights

Some days, being a SAHM is difficult. Each day requires patience and understanding; restraint and reason; selflessness and prayer. But this role can also be very rewarding; even in those difficult times. When you take a minute to reflect on a bad day, you discover moments of love, kindness, relationship, hope, dreams, playtime, learning, outdoors, and laughter.

On days like today when there are MANY moments of irritation & annoyance as a result of my daughter’s whining, crying, and being upset, I have to remind myself to breathe and recognize that this too shall pass. Today does not reflect the whole of the future. She is growing a lot, and that is a lot for her little body to endure. I forget that sometimes.

Instead, I try to find ways for us both to focus our attention on something else in order that we may stay sane! We enjoyed lunch together. Some quiet time sitting in the grass was helpful. Allowing Vienna to nurse a little longer gave her more opportunity to fill her belly, be comforted, and put a smile on her face. Afterwards we played around and I tickled her so much that I was able to see those five small teeth (my favorites are her two adorable “buckers” as Asa calls them!) in her open mouth as she bellowed her sweet baby laugh that rises from her sweet baby toes. Then all is calm and she looks at me with her big blue eyes as she continues to play and talk her cute, Ewok language.

No matter how difficult the day gets, there is always another that follows with promises of rejuvenation and ample opportunities to try again.

I forgot to mention in my last couple of posts that you can find my “first” blog here:
I wrote on More Than Words for a year before deciding it was time to move on to WordPress. At MTW you will find more discussion on the topics also mentioned on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Motherhood || Honest Insights

  1. Motherhood to me is like going back to school. You’re always learning something about it. My husband thinks I have so much patience for our two babies under two and I have to remind him that I have to tell myself every single day to be patient. Patience was not something that comes naturally to me lol. On rough days, if my sons eat, take a nap, and poop, my day is golden. Just breathe and make it through the day and all is fine! 🙂


    • Motherhood is a learning process, for sure! I totally feel the same way. Patience isn’t something that comes naturally to me either, but after having my daughter I have become more patient in other areas of my life. Also, becoming a mother has opened my eyes to the most important things in life. I have changed as a person in the best ways possible. For someone who never wanted to be a mom, I can’t imagine not being one now! Funny how that works.

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      • I know exactly what you’re talking about! It’s funny, I broke up with my HS sweetheart after he proposed and I realized I never wanted to get married. Then I meet my husband and got married. I said I would never have kids, now I have two. Lol. When you find that right person, all of it falls into place. 🙂

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