Counting My Blessings

Over the past week or so I have been dwelling on some issues that I just can’t seem to shake. Instead of focusing so much on wants or desires and the inability to do anything about certain situations right now, I decided to create a list of ten things for which I am grateful. This is more proactive than sulking around!

In no particular order –

1. The good health of my family. Besides the occasional cold, there hasn’t been any sickness in the home. These past ten months of having a baby we haven’t had to take her to the doctor for anything. I am especially grateful for our good health considering we didn’t have insurance for a few months while Asa transitioned into a new job.

2. A full night of sleep. I think Vienna is finally sleeping through the night for good – though I don’t want to get too excited. She has been sleeping all night every night for two weeks now and she did it all on her own! I have been enjoying the uninterrupted sleep.

3. Finding a few odd jobs doing work that I enjoy. These jobs give me the freedom to be flexible, the opportunity to help bring home income, and most importantly, the ability to continue being a SAHM.

4. Summer! Need I say more?

5. Long hair. Okay, this one is a love/hate relationship for me. I have been dying for long hair since at least high school. Well, long story short, my hair is finally at a length that I am happy with (thanks pregnancy hormones!). However, CURLY long hair isn’t quite as desirable: it’s hot & frizzy in the summer heat, and nowadays my daughter thinks it’s funny to grab, pull, and yank on. So yeah… But I do love the length.

6. Coffee. On days where I am up earlier than I want to be, coffee is my saving grace. I love spending the weekend at home with my husband and having a good chat over our morning and afternoon coffee. When visiting family or friends or hosting guests, I look forward to a hot cup of joe – and perhaps a tasty treat to pair with it.

7. My faith. This is actually number one. God is so good. He gives me & my family everything we need. He is the center of everything and without Him I am nothing. Unfortunately there are times when I am not as attentive as I should be, but I am overjoyed that I have God’s grace to fall back on when times are tough. The other night I was humming The Summons melody (a great hymn that you should listen to – the verses are amazing) to Vienna so that she could fall asleep. In doing so, I was able to calm her and also take time to be in His presence as I thought of the hymn verses in my head.

8. My daughter. She is truly perfect! Getting to know her and watch her grow has been wonderful. I love everything about her! Her personality is great, she is full of laughter and smiles, she is hilarious, she is beautiful, she is smart, she is sweet, and she has made me a better person…and a mom! Wow.

9. My best friend, that is, my husband. He is so gracious and patient with me. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to stand by my side. He makes me laugh, encourages me to be myself, and has a lot of confidence in me.

10. A place to live. While I desire to one day own a house, I am glad that right now I can utilize and decorate our apartment the best way possible. Our space helps us to function day-to-day and we hope that we are creating a welcoming & friendly environment for all those who visit.

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