Weekend Wanderings

This weekend was quite eventful!

Aside from celebrating Father’s Day and the beginning of summer on Sunday, we also celebrated my birthday on Saturday. We received the best birthday/Father’s Day gift from our daughter — she started WALKING! We were giddy all weekend any time she took a little step. It is so wonderful and funny to witness a child learning to walk! With each step she has to make sure she is balanced and has control over her movements. I have been trying to capture it on video, but have had no such luck so far.

Another gift I received for my birthday was a surprise visit from my little sister. I haven’t seen her in a few months, and it was nice to have her around all weekend so we could catch up. We enjoyed each other’s company, shared some laughs, and she was able to bond with Vienna some more.

Overall, it was a great weekend filled with celebration, gifts, delicious food & dessert, movies, laughter, pictures, and family. 


Homemade birthday card side 1 & 2: from husband & baby girl –   

Hope your weekend was filled with good things!

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