Cleaning Tips For A Happy, Healthy Home!

IMG_0656When it comes to having a clean and organized home, I can be a little obsessive. Keeping the home clean and organized is one of the few things I can do well. I am at peace when dishes are washed, toys are put away, and clutter is gone and leaves a surface without blemish. Vacuuming is one of my favorite chores. Something about that activity fills me with so much happiness. I love hearing the vacuum suck up crumbs, and I especially love the feeling of freshly vacuumed carpet.

Okay, now you probably think that I am really strange. So, moving on. Since I have a slight cleaning obsession, and since I have recently accepted a couple of house cleaning jobs, I thought it would be a good time to spread some wisdom. I don’t claim to know everything, by any means, but maybe I can enlighten some folks on how to be better at maintaining a clean home. After all, it is the place where you are the most, so why not make it your own and as clean & healthy as possible?

Here we go — cleaning tips for a happy, healthy home environment!

Don’t overwhelm yourself

You don’t have to clean your entire apartment or house all in one day. I used to do my daily cleaning this way, but then it just made me not want to clean at all. However, once I made a weekly schedule with specific duties assigned each day, it made the work a lot easier. Instead of having a list of ten things to do in one day, I only have 2-3 and am able to get them done in a shorter amount of time. This is key — especially if you are also running after a little one like I am, or trying to complete other things during nap-time.

Categorize duties based on importance

To continue with the tip above, when creating a cleaning schedule, first brainstorm everything you want to accomplish from basic cleaning to deep cleaning. Then decide the priority level of those duties: daily, weekly, and monthly. This will also give you a sense of direction and hopefully allow you to de-stress about keeping up with chores. Make sure to date or check off chores when they are finished – you don’t necessarily need to do this for daily or weekly chores, but definitely for monthly chores so that you know how long it has been since you’ve last cleaned a certain item.

Personal examples of daily, weekly, and monthly chores (this varies according to preference and household):

– Daily: dishes, wipe dining table & baby’s highchair, make bed

– Weekly: vacuum, laundry (diapers), sweep floors, dust, kitchen sink, baby’s toys, bathroom

– Monthly: fridge, stove/oven, toaster oven, microwave, bedding, vacuum car, windows

Use natural, homemade cleaners

I have only recently adopted this practice. Making and using my own cleaners has been an interest for quite some time, but I just never got around to doing anything about it. Once I started cleaning a couple of houses for local families who used their own cleaners, I knew that I had to also put that into practice in my own home if I was going to preach about it and do some cleaning jobs. Thankfully, I received a small starter set for my birthday and I have since pitched my old, chemical-filled cleaning products. It feels great to use something that is non-toxic, inexpensive, and natural (and therefore safe) for the entire family. Do some research to find your favorite “recipes” for all-purpose, toilet bowl, and glass cleaners.

Designate one location in the home for all cleaning supplies and products

Keeping all cleaning items in one location is practical, efficient, and will allow you to be more organized. Now I realize this might be difficult depending on the storage situation in your home. Even I am not able to keep all of my tools in one place, but they are all at least within the same vicinity. I keep my cleaning products under the kitchen sink. I don’t want them in sight, and I especially don’t want them in places where my daughter can easily get them. The broom is kept in the kitchen for easy access, and because of the size of our vacuum, it is kept nearby in our pantry.

One family that I clean for keeps everything in a spot in the basement for me. All the supplies I need are in one location so I don’t have to search the house for things I need. They even provide me with a carrying case for rags, sponges, products, etc. which is SUPER handy. I can easily carry all of my supplies from room to room without any hassle.

I hope this short list was helpful. If there is a good response to this post, then perhaps I will go into more detail in future posts, or create a cleaning series.

What are some of your home cleaning tips?

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