Early Morning at Pleasant Park

We are seldom out of the house before the afternoon. But occasionally, on days like today, we are up and ready to go for a pleasant, refreshing & cool, slow morning walk. Mornings aren’t always my favorite, but these days, neither is the afternoon heat. And I have found that once I am out the door and begin walking, I immediately feel better and am less tired — and bringing a thermos full of coffee helps!

So, out the door we went at 9am this morning. It would have been sooner but, as you mothers know, getting a child, their gear, and yourself ready takes a little while. We walked to a nearby park and no one else was there. Perfect. Though considering I would like to make more mom friends I should have been a little disappointed, but whatever. I wasn’t. I was looking for peace and quiet, and a chance to enjoy the morning sun with my babe. 

Vienna loved being able to walk through grass that was cut short and ground that was firm & flat. We sat on our blanket for awhile eating bananas, playing, snapping pictures (guilty!), and chatting with the cutest little boy who was on his way over to the park with his brother & babysitter. He rode over to us on his bike to say hi and kept coming back occasionally to chat some more until we left.

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