Hanging Rosaries 

As with any person of faith, I struggle with the ups & downs of life; and therefore, my relationship with God during those times. Recently, I have been dwelling on some hard times which I allow to keep me distant from God (when I really should be seeking to be closer), and make me feel hopeless.

The other day, I got the idea to hang a couple of my rosaries on the wall. I have seen photos where people hang them over their beds or in the middle of the wall. Although I don’t make use of these rosaries as I should, I thought perhaps putting them out in the open would remind me to pray & give thanksgiving more often. And that I would find comfort in knowing that I am being watched over and my home protected.

I decided to place one in my room as a type of decoration, but in reality (and most importantly), it will serve as a reminder. Each day I will wake up and literally the first thing I will see is Jesus. I think that is hopeful and inspiring. Not to mention the perfect way to begin the day. This rosary is particularly special because I purchased it on my trip to Rome almost six years ago (I have been aching to go back), and I got it blessed by Pope Benedict (not personally, of course- that would have been too awesome).

I am also placing one over my daughter’s crib in hopes that she will come to recognize how deeply she is loved, cared for, watched over, and cherished. That she will recognize Jesus as the first to provide all of these wonderful things for her and that it is a million-fold more than anyone could ever give her. She is beginning to recognize Him from the Crucifix we have hanging in our dining room, and I hope that she will continue to point at Him & smile and begin inquiring about who He is and what we believe about Him.    

Details: dark brown & turquoise beads; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Trinity) Crucifix (something I have never seen before buying this rosary- another special quality about it!)

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