Beginning A New Skincare Routine

 Since making the transition to more organic living, I have been eager to make the switch with everything in our home. About 90% of our food is organic (especially anything that Vienna eats), and we are slowly replacing other necessities like household supplies, clothing, and hair & beauty products with organic products (or at least natural).

Recently I decided that I wanted to purchase a nice face cleanser or soap bar. I’ve never been very good with having a consistent skincare routine, but I think that it’s important for me to establish one. I don’t consider myself a “girly girl” who wears lots of makeup and uses the best & most expensive products, and because I don’t see many people during the day I figure, ‘why do I need to wash my face every morning and night?’ But I know it goes deeper than that. 

ANYWAY, I was at the store the other night and came across this Honest Co. cleansing bar. It comes in three scents (at least that Meijer carries), and I was super excited to try it out! Let me just say: it is honestly amazing! Here’s why: 

  • First, the packaging is just so simple and perfect. My husband and I are all about logos, designs, and packaging these days and this is one of my favs!
  • The size and shape is great. It’s delicate and hefty all at the same time (complete opposites, I know). And I’m a huge fan of square/rectangular shape– circle/oval soap bars don’t seem practical to me.
  • The smell is wonderful! There is the perfect amount of lavender in this bar- I was afraid it might be too overwhelming, but nope!
  • When I lathered the bar in my hand, it was one of the smoothest things ever.
  • Most importantly, it is 84% organic and made of natural ingredients! (Read more about the Honest Co. and their philosophy here) *this isn’t a sponsored post.

The next step for my skincare routine is to jump on the organic makeup bandwagon. Thank goodness Honest just created their Honest Beauty line! I am eager to try some products.   

What does your skincare routine look like? What are some of your favorite products? I would be happy to hear your suggestions!

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