the season of waiting

“…Advent is a time to get in touch with our longing, our aching, our frustrations. Its crimson color speaks not of penance, but of desire – and, in desire, we can, as the mystics say, enter into the loneliness of God and intuit the Kingdom.”

Waiting. Such a hard thing to do for an impatient and anxious person like myself.

But I don’t think I am alone.

In this fast pace culture, we are ALWAYS searching for the next thing to please us before we are even finished with what we are doing right now. Rarely do we take the time to slow down and fully enjoy a moment. I am completely guilty of doing this- I am always thinking five steps ahead and fretting/stressing about things that haven’t (or may not) even happen. Whew, slow down and take a breath.

This advent, I am going to try to acknowledge my longings, aches, and frustrations, and just let them be. I hope this approach helps to relieve my stress and anxieties while drawing closer to God and waiting for the birth of Christ.

Each Advent, Asa and I read a daily devotional. His is written by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser and mine is written by a retreat leader & seminar speaker named Paula D’Arcy. This year, we decided to switch devotionals to experience other insights and open up a conversation about the readings.

The quote above is from Ron Rolheiser’s devotional that I began reading today. I also want to share his daily prayer for this season so that others may have the opportunity to pray with me while we wait together.

O Wisdom, Come to teach me the way of truth.

O Lord of Israel, Come to redeem me with an outstretched arm.

O Root of Jesse, Come to bring me new life; do not delay.

O Key of David, Come to open my prison doors and set me free.

O Radiant Dawn, Come to bring light to the darkness in my life.

O King of all Nations, Come to save me and give me peace.

O God-With-Us, Stay with me and send me forth in your name.

Amen.  [O Antiphons, adapted]


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