motherhood || heartwarming moments

At seventeen months, Vienna has recently begun to call me mama or mommy on occasion. Sometimes she addresses me after being asked to repeat the word, and other times she naturally addresses me correctly on her own. It makes my heart swell to hear her little voice cry out, mama!

After months of being called “baba” and “dada,” I really have enjoyed being called by the correct name! Oh, how it warms my heart! Each time I can’t help but get a big smile on my face and excitedly say, “aw, thank you, Vienna! I appreciate that so much!” She smiles and chuckles at my excitement & acknowledgment.

As of late, I have been reflecting on my relationship with my daughter. I appreciate all the time we are able to spend together- good and bad. We are best friends. I enjoy having a “mini me” with whom I can laugh, play, grow, and dress like. When days or moments are tough, it all dissipates at the end of the night when she nurses & I lie beside her for a few minutes until she falls asleep. She wearily kisses my face all over for a few seconds, we cuddle, and all is right. I smell her sweet baby breath on her sheets or as she exhales, and I just breathe it in. I am reminded of the baby she used to be and how much she has grown. As exhausting and inconvenient as it may be sometimes, I don’t want to give up our nighttime routine just yet.

The simple truth is this: I’m glad I was chosen to be this girl’s mama. 

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