a japanese garden + a 1930s farmhouse

Last weekend was good for the soul. Temps were finally high here in Michigan, the sun was shining, and we couldn’t spend enough time outdoors! It looks as though the beautiful weather is here to stay, so I hope we can continue to make each weekend a memorable one.

On Saturday morning, we made our way to Frederik Meijer Gardens to make some more use of our membership and take advantage of the wonderful weather. This visit, we only explored the Japanese Garden and Michigan’s Farm Garden. By the end of our visit, we were quite exhausted from the heat, the sun, and all the walking, but it was great nonetheless. Vienna loved the chance to discover new things and explore at her own pace.

The Japanese Garden is a new attraction, so this was our first time ever walking through it. It was not disappointing. We stopped so many times to get pictures and even the ones we did take don’t really do it justice. It was a fun first experience!

I have visited Michigan’s Farm Garden plenty of times before and although it is a smaller attraction, it is one of my faves. The 1930s farmhouse is TO DIE FOR — with its wide open porch, white rocking chairs, and yellow/gold/honey siding. I would love to live in a house like that some day with a few acres of land where Vienna can run around and we can all participate in gardening and chores. Every time I visit the model farm, it brings me back to my childhood of growing up in the country. I’m eager to have Vienna do some of her growing up outside the hustle and bustle of the city. But for now, frequent trips to this beautiful little farm will have to do.

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