a personal reflection || discover my virtue

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I weave through stages of feeling like a weed — tall, forgotten, unnoticeable, lonely. I long to be discovered. I long to be discovered by others so that they may have access to the true me. I long to make a friend, to be a friend. Always reaching, but never grasping.

I fear being plucked away and discarded because of my imperfections or faults. I wish to be viewed as a member who has just as much potential as those who are treated with more care and attention. For I too am a plant filled with lots of life and many qualities. Do not avoid me because of my prickly surface; for underneath, my roots are deep and desire nourishment.

I also long to discover myself: my talents, my heartfelt desires, my skills, my joys. I wish to plant myself firmly in ground that is rich and fertile so that I may bloom and grow with all my might! Yet there is labor that needs to be completed. There is ample need for reflection, guidance from God, and an inward search for self and intentions. This first step is necessary for proper growth and development.

I am a weed. I am a plant. Discover my virtue. Watch me grow.

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