writing on motherhood || a reflection on giving birth unmedicated

Since I recently posted about my unplanned pregnancy journey, I thought it necessary to follow-up with my journey through giving birth — without medication.

When I became pregnant, I knew I wanted to make it a goal to have a “natural birth.” (Note: I really dislike that phrase because giving birth in and of itself is natural – so I will therefore always say “unmedicated”).

Anyway, prior to giving birth I read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth book. Without it, I am absolutely certain that I would NOT have been able to give birth unmedicated. I definitely recommend reading her book. I believe it made giving birth unmedicated totally doable because she shared many positive birth stories from her clients. Have you heard of positive birth stories or are they always stories about the horror of childbirth? It was usually the latter for me.

Because I was so encouraged and empowered by her words, stories, and the examples set by other women, I knew that I could do it. There is also a mental element to giving birth and so I had to “train” myself to overcome my fears and focus on the possibilities. With the help of relaxing music, prayer, and the support of my husband, I achieved my goal. I realized just how strong and courageous I really am!

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