a month at home || july


1. July Sixteenth: We have been making use of our FMG membership since March, and this was the first time we took Vienna to see “the big horse.” We had a couple of wedding photos taken here too. It really is a gigantic sculpture!

2. July Nineteenth part 1: We finally got around to hanging these adorable pictures I found at Goodwill. They complement our bedroom perfectly.

3. July Nineteenth part 2: Asa has a habit of creating “piles” around the house. Pictured is a small one 🙂 It is often an annoyance to me (especially when it occurs in an undesignated “catch all” area), but on this day I was reflecting on how someday (a long way from here when we are old and gray), I may never see these piles again. So it was a sad realization and therefore deserved a picture.

4. July Nineteenth part 3: Having this piece in our entryway has been very practical! I love hanging our most commonly used bags and hats on this rack for easy access.

5. July Twenty-Sixth: Vienna received this berry tea set for her birthday on the 25th and she was having a great time entertaining her bear for a nice little tea party 🙂

6. July Twenty-Seventh: I left our bedroom closet door open and she pulled out the empty laundry basket and sat in it. I was surprised to see her there when I entered the room!

7. July Twenty-Eighth: I love when Vie suggests reading books in bed! A great way to ease into the morning; especially when I can continue to rest next to her!

8. July Twenty-Ninth: I took a picture of her last year in this same spot and she was so much smaller and had much less hair *insert crying face*

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