a month at home || august

1. August Second: Vienna likes to touch the shadows on the walls. It’s so funny to see her point them out and be so amazed by them.

2. August Seventh: Before dinner we decided to go for a walk to the nearby Montessori school. Vie played on the playground for a while – she had the whole playground to herself!

3. August Eleventh: I needed the car for the day, so Vienna and I dropped Asa off at work, stopped at Meijer for a few groceries (and donuts), and ate our donuts together in the car while we waited for Frederik Meijer Gardens to open. Once we arrived, we strolled around in the silence to our favorite stops. This was in the Woodland Shade Garden and Vienna found something intriguing on the ground.

4. August Sixteenth: In mama’s bed, reading books. It has become part of our morning routine and I don’t mind one bit.

5. August Seventeenth: Vienna’s baptismal day! She asked to look at this photo album which contains pictures of the first few months of her life, including this day. She was only three weeks old when she was baptized.

6. August Nineteenth part one: Vienna received a table and chairs set for her birthday which we have placed in her bedroom. She is fond of coloring these days and it also makes for a relaxing portion of our morning routine.

7. August Nineteenth part two: Coloring again in the evening after a bath. Daddy put her hair into a ponytail for her 🙂

8. August Twenty-Third part one: This time we visited FMG so that I could meet an Instagram friend and her two-year old daughter. While we waited for them to arrive, Vienna and I visited the farm garden and I noticed the leaves on the trees. Fall is coming!

9. August Twenty-Third part two: Still at the farm garden, I got a nice perspective shot: corn as tall as the windmill.

10. August Twenty-Sixth: She is ALL about jumping on beds these days. Hard to capture in a photo, but I think this is a pretty good shot. I love that she is holding onto her stuffed Jesus doll!

11. August Twenty-Seventh: I put a bobby pin in Vie’s hair to keep the bangs out of her face – I’m not used to seeing her forehead! This is a cute hairstyle that we have been doing now. Oh and she loves Pete the Cat.

12. August Thirty-First part one: I just love Vienna’s face in this photo as she’s stuffing Cheerios into her mouth!

13. August Thirty-First part two: I sat down during nap time to meal plan and all I wanted to plan for meals was cozy, comfort, fall food! I’m so over our summer meals.

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