an even four


In case you missed the announcement on instagram yesterday, we are adding another member to our family. Surprise! We are excited to welcome the new baby in March!

The pregnancy this second time around has already been different (as they say each one after the first  pregnancy is). We didn’t even know for awhile that I was pregnant – I thought maybe I had some other health issues going on. Thankfully I didn’t have any morning sickness the first trimester (I never did with Vienna either).

For this pregnancy and birth we are consulting a midwife. She is so knowledgeable and helpful! She has a lot of good direction for ways in which to care for myself and the baby, as well as lots of education on a variety of topics related to this whole journey. We feel confident that she is going to provide lots of insight and comfort as we prepare to birth our baby at home when the time comes (also a new decision for us this time around).

I would like to be better about documenting this journey and providing updates compared to my first pregnancy, so check back often for updates and progress. As always, you can follow along on Instagram, and make sure to subscribe to receive email updates for this blog in the menu on the right-hand side.

Hope you are well, friends!

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