one third to go

Since entering the third trimester, there have been moments where I realize that this could be the last time I am pregnant.

Have I been cherishing this journey enough even during the difficult periods? Will I remember the sensations of little kicks, fingers, and hiccups from inside? Have I spent enough time being present with this baby: talking to, holding, and watching its movements? Will I ever really comprehend how my body creates, nurtures, and grows a human being?

Asa and I have never decided on a specific number of kids to have; nor do we believe that we have that much control over it anyway.

We do, however, believe that by placing our trust in our loving God — who understands our abilities, limitations, and desires — He will provide us with what is necessary for our family.

I haven’t posted an update about this pregnancy since twenty weeks, so I will do so now:

We have about ten weeks left! Hard to believe that we are at this point already. There are times during the pregnancy where it feels as though it has gone quickly and other times where it feels like it’s taking awhile (especially since I have been experiencing things with this pregnancy that I didn’t with the first).

My last appointment with my midwife was a few days before Christmas, and everything is still looking great! I just need to continue eating well and gaining weight 🙂

At our next appointment in a few weeks, we will discuss what procedure/routine things we want to have happen after the birth (things that the hospital might usually do that we don’t want to do and vice versa, etc). We will also make sure that we are continuing to gather items and build up our birth kit so that we are prepped for the home birth.

I plan to read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth again very soon. Sometimes I get anxious when I think about having to give birth again, so I know that reading that book with calm my nerves and build my confidence (it was a lifesaver the first time around!). I’m really looking forward to delving into midwifery, natural childbirth, and positive birth stories again.

I think that brings us up to date! As always, you can see more consistent visual updates and stories via Instagram so follow along there!

x Ashley

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