my joyful home birth experience

“Even if you don’t have much money, keep in mind that the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Love and sadness are shared under the sheets, and you hope that your children will come into the world in your bedroom and that you will leave the world there.” Marie Striekwold-Ebben

[To gain insight into our decision for a home birth and our reasons why, click here.]

I’ll just get right to it…

Birthing at home was delightful.

I never had any expectations about our home birth one way or another. But I will say that I never had any deep fear about it. I didn’t want to “prepare for the worst” and ultimately place myself in a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was confident in my midwife’s experience and expertise (as well as my own body and past birth experience), so it never seemed necessary to worry. If anything, I was more excited and happy to welcome life in a place where I felt secure, where food and drink were permitted and easily accessible, and where I was in control of the environment.

Although my labor was quick and unexpected (and therefore I didn’t have much time to prepare the home and other affairs as I might have liked), it was still such a happy, wonderful experience. We’re so blessed that everything went smoothly. (See Harriet’s birth story)

After the birth, it was quiet and peaceful in our apartment. Asa and I bonded with our new baby and the time we spent together alone was something I’ll never forget. It was so great that we were already home with our baby and we didn’t have to worry about hospital procedures, protocols, interruptions, and transferring back home.

It was such a blessing to have our midwife’s guidance and support throughout the pregnancy. Even now we are able to call her with any questions or concerns. We created a personal relationship with this woman, one that we would not have had with a doctor or other healthcare professional, and I am so thankful for that relationship. It makes the transition to motherhood (again) so much easier.

Comparing my two birth experiences, birthing at home is much more enjoyable, relaxed, and comfortable. It was absolutely perfect. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

What do you think about home birth? Have you or someone you know given birth at home? I’d love to hear about your experience! I’m also happy to answer any questions about this topic or about my personal journey, so feel free to leave a comment or send an email!


One thought on “my joyful home birth experience

  1. This sounds so amazing! I have had two wonderful births with my midwife. It is such a beautiful bond! If we were closer to the hospital I would love to have home births, but we are a one hour drive away so they won’t allow it… but it was still a great experience, they have a birthing tub, so that is nice!


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