back on the mat || a reflection on self-care

My introduction to yoga was in high school. In either my junior or senior year, I had to choose a fitness class, so I chose yoga. I had no prior knowledge about it, and I’m sure I joined the class just because I had a friend or two who was doing the same. Whatever the reason, I’m so glad that I was introduced to this form of exercise.

I took yoga again in college a few other times and loved it even more. I’m not an athlete at all, so the fact that I could do a seemingly minimal amount of movement while still getting a workout and working up a sweat was awesome. I did yoga again a couple of times after college as well, but even though I was eager to take classes (whether in or out of school), I still wasn’t consistent with the practice on my own.

Well, then I got married and then I had a baby ten months later, so needless to say, I became more focused on being a mother. And then I just kind of forgot about taking care of myself, ya know? For a long time. If you saw my recent Instagram post, I admitted that I never thought self-care was necessary, but honestly, it is.

Recently, the idea of getting back into yoga again was floating around my mind. But I was just being lazy about not following through. Well, a couple of weeks ago, something moved in me and I decided that it was time. I reached out, asking people their favorite yoga YouTube channels, and each person that responded said, Yoga With AdrieneSo for the past two weeks, I’ve been doing a session each day from Adriene’s October schedule. It has been rather wonderful — a great addition to the rhythm of my day. I’m usually able to practice after breakfast or during nap time.

Although I’ve only been back on the mat for a short time, I am recognizing the benefits. I look forward to practicing, to setting the tone for the day, to lifting my mood. I’ve become more mindful of my posture (something which I’m very bad with), and my breathing during the practices and throughout the day. My muscles are sore sometimes, but it feels good to know that they are being stretched and awakened. I am eager to continue on this journey to better mind, body, and spirit.


“Mindfulness” photo by Les Jay @jblesly via Unsplash.

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