for old time’s sake || jord wood watches

In our family, we value relationship, presence, and connection.

We’ve been learning how essential these elements are, especially with child-rearing — where so much depends upon on age-old activities such as looking eye-to-eye to listen, reading from the physical page of printed books, making and fixing things with our own hands, and hearing the ticking of a clock. Our embodied souls love the physical and emotional qualities these types of activities possess, and my husband and I realize how necessary they are for our own relationship as well. At bed time, we strive to read books and share conversation.

Since becoming a mother and homemaker, I’m not someone who wears a lot of accessories (and I’ve never owned too many either). But I want to make sure that the ones I do are quality and can withstand my daily activities at home.

I am particularly fond of JORD’s hand-crafted selection of watches which are made of re-purposed wood. They have a soft, smooth finish that is not cold or harsh against my skin like metal or plastic watches I’ve had in the past. They remind me of a natural, homemade item — except much finer quality!

This piece is elegant and modest for my personal taste. It’s such a versatile design, fitting casual and dressy occasions alike:  I can wear this watch to church in my Sunday best or be at home where I’m cleaning up messes and playing with kids.

Being that our family is conscious of sustainability and social justice, we strive to make sure that our purchases and possessions align with our values. JORD does just that in these ways:

  • Sustainability: each watch is made of 100% natural woods (in this case, sandalwood). The pieces that make up the watch come from furniture remnants.
  • Environment: each watch is conditioned with natural tung oil. The Preserve cleaning oil is also made of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, plant-based glycerin, and Florida orange oil extract.
  • Fair wages: JORD ensures that the people who work on their watches are ” trained adequately, treated fairly, and paid appropriately for their positions.”

Most of all, I’m so happy to be wearing a physical watch again, one that ticks and whose screen is “on” all the time. No more needing to reach into my pocket and click a button just to check the time. I can feel that I’m still present with my children while keeping an eye on the time.

I am wearing the Frankie 35 in Dark Sandalwood & SlateShop JORD’s line of men’s and women’s watches this holiday season. Click here to receive a 25% discount code for being a follower/reader of A Mother’s Window!

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