home botanicals from peace & toil

For me, being a stay-at-home mother doesn’t allow for much time out in the community. Raising babies and taking care of the home keeps me pretty busy, not to mention exhausted by the end of the day. Or maybe the reason I’m not out in the community much is because of my personality (hello, type four). Either way, I would like to be more involved with events and people in my local community — not only to connect and network with others, but also to find those areas where I can help and advocate for causes about which I am passionate.

Well, on Saturday, I got out in the community (after a little push from my husband)! I had the pleasure of attending my first Pop Up event. The event was held at Blueprint Collaborative, a co-working space for entrepreneurs in the construction, real estate, and design industries. The Pop Up was hosted by a new home botanical shop called Peace & Toil, created by Alexiana Fry with support from her husband, James Fry. In addition to Peace & Toil, other local artists/makers were present selling their wares. A local vegan and allergy conscious donut shop called Rise served donuts that looked like succulents and free coffee was provided. I was sold at coffee and donuts.

I’m not much of a green thumb, although I always wish to be, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to expose myself to the world of indoor plants, as well as welcome a new shop to our local community. My husband and baby daughter tagged along with me to the event that snowy morning.

While perusing the plant options (many of which I was unfamiliar with), I overheard Alexiana, buzzing about, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with everyone who asked her questions. My husband and I took our time looking at all of the plants and took note of some of our favorites: the tiny succulents, Calathea Freddie, ZZ plant, Snake plant, Split Leaf Philodendron, and the Fiddle Leaf Fig. I wanted to take a Fiddle Leaf and Philodendron home with us, but sadly, it wasn’t in the budget — maybe next time!

We settled for a snake plant (which we have since lovingly named Nagini). When I talked with Alexiana about our new plant, she was super lively and just as energetic as her online presence. We had been talking on Instagram for a little while before the event, so it was nice to finally meet her face-to-face. She told me the snake plant thrives on neglect (perfect for my non-green thumb as I mentioned earlier) and added that it would not need to be re-potted anytime soon since she has just re-potted all the plants that were for sale that day.

I sent Alexiana a message to ask her a few more questions that I wasn’t able to on Saturday:

Aside from the reference to a few chapters in Genesis, what else does Peace & Toil mean/refer to? Mainly it pertains to how I feel when I work with my plants. It’s hard work, laborious, I sweat, and yet, there’s an overarching peace in all of it.

What served as the inspiration for this store? Honestly, the joy that I get myself from working with plants, dreaming about what it would look like to bring local potters in, and talking with some of my favorite shops.

Top three favorite house plants? Monstera, ZZ Plant, and Pilea. Don’t tell the others.

Now that you’ve had this Pop Up event, any ideas for what’s next? We’re hoping for Pop Up number two in February! We’ll be thinking through a brick and mortar as well.

Thank you to Alexiana of Peace & Toil for taking the time to share with us her knowledge of indoor houseplants and passion for her work. Follow along with her new adventure on Instagram @peaceandtoil

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