seaonal spotlight || autumn 2017


  • Lots of sorting, purging, donating since we moved into a new house. Additionally, lots of “making our house into a home” as we transitioned and settled into our new space.
  • Made applesauce. Made apple strudel (for the first time) for our anniversary
  • Completed my first sewing project since eighth grade: mittens for baby Harriet


  • Asa’s oldest brother got married on the hottest day in September (it was 90!)
  • Said goodbye to our apartment (and garden) and moved into our first house
  • Walked through our college campus on our anniversary
  • Visited the GRAM — fell in love with those two George Nelson pieces!
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with my grandparents, mom, siblings; stayed in our first airbnb


  • Started doing yoga again
  • Celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary
  • Cherished the autumn colors, rainy days
  • Read Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes (still reading), The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne, and The Abundance by Annie Dillard

How was your autumn? Are you ready for the cold, dark days of winter?


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