Preparing for Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn!

The upcoming weather forecast looks promising of the Fall season here in the Midwest. Temps will be dwindling down into a more comfortable range, giving us all a chance to begin unpacking sweaters and socks and light jackets, to dust off thick blankets for chilly mornings, and to keep the kettle on low for whenever a desire for hot tea or coffee arises.

My youngest daughter and I had a cold last week, and my husband mentioned how we need to “prepare for sickness” in the upcoming months, which got my mind snowballing into other things that I should be preparing for as we enter a new season.

Writing down my tasks and intentions for Autumn feels reassuring, no matter how big or small the activity may be, because it gives me a visual of what to expect (knowing that I can check off items or add to my list whenever needed), and it also serves as a template to be used for future seasons as well.

I thought it would be fun to share my list with you and to hear what is on your list! I am sure there are things that I am forgetting or preparations that never crossed my mind. So, if you want to share your Autumn preparations or goals, please do so below!


  • Bring warmer clothing and accessories (scarves, gloves, hats, jackets) upstairs; put summer clothes in storage (Out of curiosity: Do you wash previous season’s clothes before putting them into storage? Do you wash current season’s clothing before wearing them?)
  • Decorate with seasonal decor; swap mugs and linens as well
  • Prepare wellness baskets for illness and sick days (sew hankies, purchase Maty’s syrups, stock up on tea, throat drops, and healing salve (maybe homemade?), make and freeze Electrolyte mix, make essential oil rollers)
  • Stock up on beeswax candles
  • Clean bedding and replace (add) warmer blankets
  • Add new recipes to recipe box (ones I’ve been meaning to make — like pecan pie, and oat milk —  and other recipes that sound delicious); prepare favorite seasonal meals; make and freeze soups for easy dinner options


  • Sort through clothing; purchase or mend additional items if needed
  • Decide on Halloween costumes (and plan for how to spend the evening)
  • Schedule dates for apple orchard and pumpkin picking
  • Decide on where to spend the holidays and what meals to make
  • Begin brainstorming homemade gift ideas to make or bake for others; brainstorm gift ideas for family using want, need, wear, read template


  • Create a book list of novels to read this season
  • Jot down sewing project ideas to complete
  • Plot out future QHA topics and/or goals
  • Stick with recently implemented daily rhythm (including yoga and an evening bike ride or walk with family)
  • Find other ways to get involved in local community or church community

How are you preparing for the new season?



2 thoughts on “Preparing for Autumn

    • Thank you, Katie! I am hoping we won’t have to rely on the wellness baskets too much, either. Though now that we have a child in school, I dread what kind of germs may enter our home!


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