More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting [Book Review] || An Introduction

As a mother of growing children, I enjoy (and have found it to be necessary for myself) to read parenting books for advice on how to raise children. This job of raising children is no easy task, so I appreciate all the support and perspectives available out there.

My sister-in-law recently recommended reading More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting by Serena B. Miller (2015). The topic of Amish culture sounded fascinating to me, as I’m always looking to slow down these days, and so I eagerly picked up the book at the library. Miller has written four other novels on the subject of Amish culture as well as three novels in a historical series. She lives in Ohio, and for this book, she interviewed some Amish friends that she was staying with and the community she found her self surrounded by while visiting there.

I found it hard to put this book down once I began reading it! There was so much wisdom to gain from it; and yet, it all seemed so clear, so simple. In particular, I enjoyed the Amish culture’s focus of family, community, and faith. Three basic tenets that guide and direct everything they think, say, and do. And while reading, I found myself aching for habits and methods of their culture: the chance to work with your spouse and children as a team, at home, maintaining and sustaining yourself; the enormous amount of support from family, and friends, and a community; the appreciation of hard work and labor: that one person’s job or skill is not more worthy or important than others,’ that a person’s value and dignity comes from being a necessary part of the family.

Of course, I’m not going to rush out and convert to the Amish church now. However, I am eager to consider their mindset and lifestyle, and I hope to implement some of their habits or methods into our home life and child rearing.

I will leave you with some wisdom from Ms. Miller. You can find out more information about her via her website here.

“The reason it looks easy is because Amish parenting isn’t some step-by-step method to manipulate children into right behavior – it is simply a way of life that has proven to bring about good results over several centuries” (318).

I hope you will continue to follow along as I share more of this book with you!



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