About Quiet Home Adventures

Quiet Home Adventures contains stories of our family of four striving to live simply and intentionally while mindfully growing through the seasons — both the natural seasons throughout the year as well as seasons of life, seasons of marriage, seasons of motherhood, parenting, and childhood. This little home on the internet aims to share our appreciation for this type of lifestyle that we choose to live which is constantly changing and always evolving.

We find joy in the comforts of home: a big brunch after Sunday mass, bookshelves packed tightly with our favorite novels and reference books, little hands helping with the household chores, creaky floors and glass doorknobs, a warm cup of tea in candlelight before bed, and thrifted treasures with a history of their own that adorn our home. It’s simple pleasures like these that bring our family the most joy and contentment.

Within these four walls we build and strengthen our family’s relationship, stand firm in our beliefs and values, support one another through love, respect, and forgiveness, and open our door to others. Come on in, you are welcome here.

“aspire to live quietly, mind your own affairs, and work with your hands.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11

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