Plant-Based Challenge || Check-In

Dear Quiet Home Adventurers,

We are halfway through the plant-based challenge! How is it going? How are you feeling?

I hope that this “challenge” has been easygoing and rewarding. Of course, little hiccups are bound to happen with any sort of transition period, but I believe in you and your effort does not go unnoticed!

Now that we are halfway through the one week challenge, I thought I would pose a few questions for you to consider, to get you conversing and connecting with your fellow participants. I will weigh in on these questions too, so look for my answers below in the comments.

Challenge questions:

  1. How well have you been enjoying the food? Are you eating items that you haven’t tried before?
  2. Have your meals been easy to prepare? Do you enjoy prepping them or wish for more convenience?
  3. What foods, meals, or preparations do you like? What don’t you like?
  4. How has your spouse/family reacted to the meals? Have they gotten involved in meal planning, grocery shopping, or preparing the meals?

Only three more days to go — you can do it!