mothering two

It has been eight weeks since I became a mother of two. I’m still in shock that I have two children, let alone two daughters. To be honest, I was hoping for a boy this time around, but after Harriet arrived, I knew that she was meant to be the fourth member of our family.

I’m still adjusting to caring for another babe. The days feel longer and I feel more exhausted by the end of them. I’ve come to realize that I could really use another set of arms.

However, simple tasks such as planning breakfasts and lunches for the week (in addition to dinners), saving the housework for Saturdays (so that everyone can chip in), and implementing family routines (like evening walks or visits to the library) have been really helpful. It’s less to worry about amongst the crying, requests, and diaper changes, and it helps to create a rhythm for our days and the week.

I will say, the newborn stage seems easier this time around. I think it’s because it is now second nature. I’m letting the baby guide me and I’m choosing not to rush our time but instead soak it all up. And I’m enjoying every minute of it. 

I’m also not so stressed about making sure I do things “by the books.” I haven’t been good at documenting milestones or taking monthly pictures which was something I was so particular about doing once Vienna was born (but I do want to get better at it). I guess with the second baby I’m realizing that, besides having limited time these days, certain things take precedence over making sure to document everything. I’m enjoying this season of being more present.

Vienna is at the age where she loves to help and takes pride in doing so. Getting her involved in daily tasks like assisting with dinner prep, fetching items when I need help, or shushing the baby when needed are all good ways for her to learn responsibility as well as nurture her need (and desire) for independence and self discovery. I love seeing her be a “little mama” towards her sister. Their bond is so cute to witness. I’m so glad they have each other.