soothing sickness naturally with maty’s

Like all parents, we don’t enjoy when our daughter gets sick. And while I wish that cuddles and kisses cured all sickness, it unfortunately doesn’t work that way.

Thankfully, our family doesn’t get sick too often. But when we do, we take basic, natural steps that we hope help to fight off the sickness like drinking herbal tea, balancing rest and play, avoiding sugary or hard-to-digest foods, and of course, lots of those cuddles and kisses I mentioned before.

Maty’s recently reached out to see if we were interested in trying a few of their natural remedies for sickness, and since we don’t yet have any of these types of remedies on hand, I absolutely said yes! Good thing, too, because the day I received the package in the mail, Vienna had developed a cold.

The chest rub has been great for relieving her congestion. The mixture of coconut oil, lavender, and chamomile smells really nice and I like that it is petroleum-free (which means no more yucky fingers) and menthol-free (which means no sting). The cough syrup has been helpful with soothing her throat. Honey makes for a smooth syrup that’s easy to swallow. I tried a taste and it’s quite delicious! Much more pleasant that traditional cough syrups. Vienna even asked for more!

The number one thing I love about Maty’s philosophy and their line of products is the importance they place on using natural and organic ingredients for all of their remedies. This is huge because, as you know, our family aims to support and use natural and organic foods, products, and practices as much as we are able. It is a priority in our household and lifestyle and I love that Maty’s fits well with our preferences. Because of this, I was very eager to try their products.

Furthermore, the use of natural ingredients means I am familiar with every single item listed on their packaging. Many of the more familiar over-the-counter medications are sometimes difficult for me to understand and I often question the origin of the ingredients used and how safe they are. When I look at Maty’s ingredients, I can see clearly the benefits and safety of those ingredients; and that is very comforting, especially when I think about Vienna ingesting them (intentionally or accidentally — because we know that happens, too). And the great thing is that she CAN ingest them which means it is safe for the whole family to take the same medicine instead of having to buy separate remedies for children and adults. Makes life easier and saves us money.

I’m no expert, and while I usually trust what the experts do say, especially after entering the role of motherhood, I have become curious about things that are foreign to me and so I take the time to do research and make informed decisions. With Maty’s, I feel confident that what’s inside is safe for the whole family and good for our bodies.

I’m so happy to have our home stocked with these items. Now whenever one of us has to deal with sickness, we will have these remedies on hand to make us feel better.

All words, opinions, and photography are my own. Thank you Maty’s, and dear readers, for your support of A Mother’s Window.