wearing neutrals

I shared a post recently on Instagram in which I mentioned that owning neutral clothing makes me happy. This isn’t limited to baby clothes but is evident in my own personal style as well.

In regards to baby clothes, we began purchasing neutral items because we never found out the sex of our babies. So, we gravitated towards clothing colors that could be used for either a boy or a girl: tan, oatmeal, cream, white, gray, navy/blue, green, brown, and black. We have two daughters now and we still choose to stick to neutral items as a base, but do incorporate some colors or patterns based upon our aesthetic.

A friend commented on my Instagram post and asked if I had any suggestions about this neutral business. Since we are big fans of all things neutral, and we’ve also received compliments before about our oldest daughter’s style, I thought I would pass along some info for those who prefer to steer clear of boy vs girl and perhaps want a more practical or mature approach to children’s style.

Shop at thrift stores

We don’t hesitate to shop at stores like Goodwill or used children’s clothing stores. We would love to support our favorite online shops, but unfortunately it isn’t always in the budget to do so. Nor do we feel it is necessary to always buy new clothing when gently used items are quite sufficient and often more sustainable (reuse & recycle vs supply & demand). Shopping at thrift stores saves us money and we are usually able to find a lot of unique items.

Shop boy and girl

Don’t be afraid to look for items in both boy and girl sections at stores. We have purchased quite a number of items in the “boys” section for our girls, some of them becoming our favorite pieces.

Be creative

The great thing about neutrals is that you can mix and match them with other items or each other! We prefer to stay away from typical girl items (pink, glitter, etc.) and instead choose items with a small amount of color or a simple pattern. [For example, we prefer pastels or dark colors over bright or neon; and we prefer stripes, plaids, and nature patterns over cartoon pictures or glitter.] A touch of these elements will help make neutrals less boring or bland (if that’s something you’re worried about).

When considering items to purchase, we ask ourselves a few questions in order to make sure we aren’t buying on a whim:

  • Is this item a necessity at this time?
  • What will X wear it for: church, playtime?
  • Will she be able to grow into it?
  • Does it fit with our aesthetic?

Functionality is a key aspect when we buy children’s clothing. Since they are always outgrowing their clothes, we want to make sure we are purchasing items that will be worn often (and well — cue spitup, blow out, and dirt/grass stains) and can be used for more than one occasion: every day wear, playtime, or church.

These are currently some of our favorite items and outfits —

For Vienna:

For Harriet:

Side note: It has been two years since we began our journey to an organic lifestyle. Our decision to transition to this lifestyle was essential and it is so important to us for a multitude of reasons. Every day we are more and more confident with our decision as we continue to research and gather new information about subject matters related to this topic. The transition has been a gradual process as it can take quite a lot of time (and money) to do so. Even today we are still working on being 100% organic across the board in our home life.

Our next endeavor is to begin purchasing organic clothing (that is, only if we are purchasing new items). While we realize that, like other areas of an organic lifestyle it is going to be an investment, we also know just how important it is to continue supporting this lifestyle. I recently read a very informative article about cotton and clothing production. I highly recommend reading the article for yourself even if buying organic clothing isn’t your thing.

Do you wear a lot of neutrals? Do you purchase organic clothing? What are some of your favorite brands or online shops for kids clothes?

I hope you found this post to be fun! I know I had a lot of fun styling little baby/kids clothes 🙂